4 Methods To Get More Blog Traffic

It does not take long for a blogger to realize that the people don’t simply come when you put something up. Although some bloggers make millions of dollars, there are still invisible blogs that need more visitors. Most blogs get less than 100 daily visitors, and only a small percentage of blogs get thousands of daily visitors. As a blogger who gets thousands of daily visitors and has consulted with multiple bloggers, I see a common problem that results in no traffic. The bloggers have the commitment, but they don’t know how to get more traffic. The purpose of this article is to provide clarity and let bloggers know the how-to of getting more blog traffic. Here are four methods to get more blog traffic.

Grow a targeted social media audience. A targeted audience consists of the type of people who already enjoy your area of expertise before they know who you are. I appeal best to the people who already want to learn more about digital marketing before they know me. When they get to know me, a strong relationship builds.

Grow an email list. You can’t be a successful blogger without an email list. You must pay for an emailing service like iContact or Aweber so you can customize messages and control the way you communicate to your subscribers. This capability is especially important when you want to promote a product on your email list.

Write valuable content. Getting blog traffic does not only mean attracting new visitors to your blog. Getting more blog traffic also means getting the people who visit your blog to become returning visitors. Visitors will only return to your blog if they got value from it. There is no point in getting blog traffic but then not getting any returning visitors who may eventually buy your products.

Become a guest blogger. Guest blogging is a great way to boost your traffic and grow your email list at the same time. When you write a guest blog, include a link to one of your blog posts in the guest post. That’s a backlink on a successful blog, and valuable backlinks have a positive impact on SEO. One blog that provides guest blogging opportunities and a free blogging guide is FirstSiteGuide.com.

Which of these methods did you know the most? Do you utilize any other methods for getting blog traffic? Please share your thoughts and advice below.

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