Learn to Find Your Passions,

Build Confidence,

Start a Business

& Boost Your High School and College Applications in four days this July

Camp Dates:

Monday, July 18 to Thursday, July 21

The Youth Empowerment Camp teaches students to package their passions (what they love) into a business and lifestyle using the following four disciplines:

Identify your Passions, package them into Products, Promote those products to the world, and Propel your future success.

About the Founders:

Michael and Marc Guberti started baseball blogs years ago, reporting on team transactions and player development. However, they collectively questioned after several months, “Is there more meaning to be found here?” Would they spend their lives summarizing other achievers, or elevating others into achievement? They choose the latter, and have studied, refined and developed skills to monetize one’s passions.

The Huffington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo Small Business Advisor, Westchester Business Journal and related outlets featured the teens for their efforts of elevating others. As the recipients of the 2014 People’s Choice Rule Breakers Award, the brothers strive to empower and equip others serious about living purposefully and profitably. They look forward to empowering you if you decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

The brothers embody years of research and results regarding entrepreneurial success and personal development. The four-step, breakthrough formula that made the difference in their personal and professional lives became the hallmark of their training:

Day 1, Passion: Identifying your deepest desires in life, eliminating self-doubt and living on purpose

Day 2, Product: Converting vision into reality, expanding your product offerings and building a legacy of creation

Day 3, Promote: Spreading your message and mission to the world, organically growing 250K+ Twitter followers, and inspiring the masses

Day 4, Propel: Establishing the mindset and methods for lasting change, becoming a role model, and living as your highest self

Not only have the brothers have raised the standard of performance and fulfillment for themselves, they elevate their peers with their Youth Empowerment Camp:

"I learned more in four days about entrepreneurship than I did in two years at school."

Matt, Youth Empowerment Camp Graduate 

"This unleashed my potential. It showed me that I can do what I want to do and nobody can tell me 'no'."

Granit, Youth Empowerment Camp Graduate

"This opened my mind that I can do more now, and I do not have to wait."

Caroline, Youth Empowerment Camp Graduate 

"My biggest takeaway would be that you can be successful. Even at a young age, even before college, you can be successful."

Tania, Youth Empowerment Camp Graduate

"The experience I received at this camp was absolutely incredible. I learned so many new things that I never would have learned. Knowing that I can do what I love while still making a profit makes me feel like I can do anything."

Taussia, Youth Empowerment Camp Graduate

"My camp experience was absolutely phenomenal. This course has absolutely changed the way I view entrepreneurship, other people, how I respect other people and how I respect myself. I understand the information so much better than any other place I have ever learned. This is not something I have to dissect in order to get the information; it is given to you. It is easier for anyone to understand at any age.” 

Matt, Youth Empowerment Camp Graduate

Let’s dive deep into how these positive and powerful changes came about in these teens because of the curriculum:

Day 1, Passion: Let slip the lion of passion. Understand the operating system behind your deepest desires, and learn to turn the dials of success. Eliminate self-doubt, break down faulty beliefs and attract abundance.

Day 2, Product: Put what is in your mind on the table, or online. What do the influencers use to establish their brands? How do the legends and leaders of meaningful change create products whose impact outlives them, the product creators?

Day 3, Promote: The world must hear your story, message and mission. Learn the strategies that the Guberti brothers used to build their massive social media followings, and acquire conventional media outlet attention.

Day 4, Propel: Step into the fullness of who you can become. Obviously, if you are drawn to this camp, you are a budding or current achiever. Let’s scale up your mindset and methods for prosperity with novel principles and actionable practices.

Background Beauties: Experience the prestige of the scenic Fordham University Rose Hill campus, gain a competitive edge for high school, college and career applications, receive a Custom Youth Empowerment Camp T-Shirt and Journal, Youth Empowerment Camp Diploma, other resources and a fun summer entrepreneurial education to last a lifetime.

The Guberti brothers training is valued at $9,197.00, and they charge several hundred dollars for an hour consultation. Last year, a ticket to the Youth Empowerment Camp was regularly priced at $997.00. 

Due to private donations, enrollment for the 2015 Youth Empowerment Camp is now $450.00.

If you believe in the tremendous value of this program, you have the heart of an achiever. We hope to see you at the Youth Empowerment Camp, and recommend a quick decision to invest in yourself this summer.

Other teens and even adults have seen the value of this program, and registration fills up fast.

It would be our honor to elevate you to new levels of performance and fulfillment.

If you commit to yourself this summer, we will commit to you.

Now is the time to make that decision.

Strive On,

Michael and Marc Guberti

Youth Empowerment Camp Founders

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