Five Strategies To Motivate Yourself

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At some time, everyone has had to summon the motivation and bravery to act on their dreams. How can we learn to draw forth that passioned action towards the manifestation of our goals at any time? Most people are driven to act because a punishing deadline. The pain of missing the deadline becomes more important than the pain of facing our fears associated with the task. However, can we learn to enjoy motivating ourselves?

From past experience, I can say that consistently facing your fears provides a strong sense of accomplishment in a person. The intellectual tension still remains because fear has established some residence in our minds. This can be an empowering point for many individuals. You do not have to lack fear to be brave. Celebrities and self-help gurus have emphasized this point for years. You can still feel the putrid tentacles of worry trying to wrap themselves around you. The successful achievers act in the ignorance of those fears. Their focus shifts from anxiety to action when it is time to perform.

Motivation of yourself and others is required to achieve greatness. Fear and motivation stand at odds with each other, however. When the time comes to shine, the prosperous ones choose motivation and do not look back. Five strategies to summon motivation when you need it are:

1. Build certainty regarding your encounter with another person beforehand. If you are afraid to talk to someone, envision it happening successfully in advance. This certainty can provide emotional security.

2. Listen to inspiring music. A select number of songs holds meaning with you. That meaning is power! Use what already affects you, like the songs that you know motivate you, and allow that energy to charge you to act on your dreams.

3. See the victory at the end of the road. The glory after you face your fears will empower you. The car ride home after meeting that person or going on that television show uplifts a person.

4. Spark the fervency of your belief system. Religions or a belief system regarding a person or idea can fire up both ambition and action in the believer. For example, decide to say, “Main Figure of My Belief System is with me. I can do My Fear (talk to that person, go on that media outlet), and will do it now to show I believe in Him/Her/Belief System. I shall succeed because if Him/Her/Belief System is with me, who dare be against me? Bring it on.”

5. Act to prove to yourself that you can succeed. Some people are motivated just because they want to prove that they can prosper. For the sake of yourself, spark motivation and succeed.

As alway, It is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will motivate yourself today and any time you desire, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.


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