How to Balance Familial, Fiscal and Fitness Responsibilities

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When you initially start a business, you have to be every department—promotion, product, future projections, current goals, passion, propelling motivation, etc. This can overwhelm business owners as they try to carry the burden normally assigned to at least over 100 people. Constantly putting out fires while trying to construct projects, a person can collapse under the weight of their enterprise. However, there are methods to instill a sense of calm in the storm of your responsibilities.

I encounter many responsibilities as the co-founder of Business Whiz Kids, as many many business owners do. The continual process of maintaining peak levels of motivation and passion, creating products to elevate the lives of others, promoting those items and services to those who need them and propelling the pace of my achievement demands my full attention. Lifestyle is incredibly important to me as well, as I strive to remain physically fit through the use of workout programs like P90X. Family time is the most sacred of the three mentioned realms, which I also manifest excellent engagement in. One realm should not compromise the other, despite the plethora of responsibilities associated with each. If you want a life with familial, fiscal and physical fitness success, why not achieve it? It is, as always, your choice.

Two strategies to deal with the growing pains of a business while balancing other responsibilities are:

1. Engage your family with questions regarding the business. You can achieve two objectives with one effort here. By asking for feedback about your enterprise, you engage with your loved ones in a sentiment of helping one another. Allow your family to hoist you out of, if need be, the ditches of despair and fatigue.

2. Dedicate fully to your envisioned lifestyle. This means raising your standard of expectation. This can be done one of two ways. Either you raise the bar of your life, and force yourself to jump into a higher standard, or raise the floor of your life, and live into your dreams. The latter method entails eliminating the pesky habits that eat at your productivity and passion. The former means setting a level of positive mindset and methodology previously unknown to you.

It is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will balance your business, family and physical fitness worlds, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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