How To Enjoy Reaching a Higher Standard

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So many people want to raise their standard. The fields of this desire range from personal development, fitness, press, business, science, and many other disciplines. Without the desire to improve or further yourself, stagnancy sets in. Complacency follows as progress exits. The drive for progress is essential for everyone, yet many people choose to ignore it. Why? It requires that they stretch themselves. In the beginning, struggle comes before progress, especially if you do not see the activity as pleasurable in some way. This is where your ambition is tested. Many people shy away from raising their standard because it can be exhausting. Dreams of becoming positively influential can disempower a person if they see no progress, and decide that no progress means no future achievement in that area.

Working out is often seen as a cumbersome task by society. Many people ask those who physically condition themselves, “Why are you doing that? Are you really enjoying yourself?” I was asked this question once, and its effects were interesting. In passing, a friend saw me working out, and asked me, “Do you really like doing that?” At the time, I was thirty seconds into a spinning plank. This move entails holding a plank position and spinning clock and counter-clock wise. It can be exhausting, if you choose to believe it is. I was focusing on an inspirational individual at the time, and the question from my friend drew my focus away. Many top psychologists have studied the power of questions, specifically their ability to attract a person’s focus. The problem with this question was its negative attributes, and it drew away my positivity manifested in action. Thankfully, I regained my positive state after the initial blackout. How? I realigned with my high standard of maintaining a fit and healthy body.

Standards are built or destroyed by what we choose to believe. Belief can be interrupted by others, but, that is something you choose to allow. When we are sad, we choose to be sad. We decide to be our emotions at all times. Two strategies to fight through the initial dry season of success (that you will overcome) because of heightened standards are:

1. Attach fun to your cumbersome or painful activity. Who amazes others? Someone who can do an easy activity well, or someone who can do a hard activity well? Fitness is a fantastic example. Not everyone is physically fit because most of the population believes it is hard and painful. It is when you keep telling yourself and thinking about how painful it will be! Ask yourself, “how can I make fitness an enjoyable activity?” For example, many workout programs offer a “Cues and Music” option. Now, think of something that motivates you when you listen to it. Perhaps this is a self-improvement program, or series of songs (Rocky is a great choice). Play your ‘empowerment audio’ while you exercise, and the workout cues will keep you on track. Take the best of both worlds.

2. If you perform the first step, which is incredibly powerful, keep the following mindset, “I can do it.” You must believe you can reach a standard before you set it. Adopting this belief is simple, say, “I can” truthfully. Truthfully entails that you believe you can accomplish this goal.

With these two strategies, you can have enjoyment and self-belief attached to a higher standard of success. Suddenly, the bar is not high at all, and your achievement is.

It is my hope that these strategies supercharge and hyper-elevate your life. Please comment below to describe how you will attach enjoyment and self-belief to a higher standard of success and achievement, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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