How To Overcome Disagreements

Ending All Disagreements

Conflicts of opinion can split an organization, unit or business. If conversational tension peaks, people can feel distanced from one another, separated by the unforgiving walls of their selfish egos. Neither person wants to admit that they are wrong. Such division is poisonous—casual conversation gives way to sickening silence. Self-expression drowns in the fear of upsetting the other person. The level of connection between two or more people is snuffed like a candle in the night.

Recently, a business official and I had a difference of opinion regarding an upcoming promotional schedule. It was clear that each of us had strong reasons for believing what we did. A compromise was not reached, and for a time, we were intellectually separated. This isolation was quite saddening. Fortunately, we healed our divisions by talking the situation out. We began collaborating again, and the symbiotic nature of teamwork strengthened our connection once more.

Winning a petty argument is not worth the loss of a friendship and partnership in the process. Cheap progress at the expense of earnest connection is a poor tradeoff. Two methods to convert conflicts of opinion into renewed synergy later on are:

1. Realize all that this person means to you. If the individual has been a lifelong companion, and shared in your greatest victories and defeats with genuine sentiment and action, you know you have someone special. Do not turn a blind eye to the emotional connection that bonded both of you in the beginning.

2. Talk about why the issue is persisting. Rather than distracting yourself from the problem by immediately acting on another project, talk with the other person. Ask questions like “why are we disagreeing here” and “what do you think of my view on this topic?” This provides a gradual reinforcement of your connection with them.

Do not allow a disagreement to dislodge a friendship.

It is my hope that these strategies heal and empower your relationships.

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