How To Summon A Successful Mindset

Have you ever been held back by a belief that turned out to be false? If so, it is because you stacked up enough evidence from the past, present or future to make you know that certain idea was true (to you). You convinced yourself that something was real. Was that belief ever busted? How did that feel? Was there a sense of shock? This occurs whenever a misconception is broken. Some people believe that all business people are slimy, and maliciously take advantage of others. But, some successful individuals help others, and earn an income with integrity; others do not. But, in this case, it is not just one way.

How can you break a belief that does not benefit you? By the way, in this context, benefit means motivate you to take action, improve your mindset, or both. If you do not believe you can prosper, you have convinced yourself of it. Well, if you managed to convince yourself that you will not succeed, you can go in the other direction and convince yourself that you can succeed. Since you are such a good internal negotiator (you’ve made yourself believe that you can not do something—that is hard to do), negotiate hope into the argument. Usher in willpower. Usher in drive. Bring in ambition and a desire for greatness into the conversation. Suddenly, the result begins to change.

Stack up the positive reasons, and degrade the negative counterparts. Point out the flaws in the disempowering or demotivating thoughts, and build up the positive, motivating, stoking characteristics.

Keep building up the reasons that say why you can succeed in your mind.

Flood out all the demotivating thoughts.

And watch success walk in.

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