How To Triumph Through The Trudge of Slow Progress

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Many people are in search of transcendence. They want to get to the next level of achievement, peace, productivity and other desirable goals. People who reach high levels of a desired result are looked up to by society, and become the gurus. Results, and how fast a person can manifest them, are ardently desired by others. This is often why people can not tolerate slow progression. They look around, and everyone seems to be two steps ahead of them. This creates a depressed mindset, playing the same recording of “I can’t seem to move forward faster.” Such a thought is despicable, and unfortunately common. People stop working because progress is not evident.

However, there seems to be a slog that all achievers must go through before achieving the desired result. This test refines the mindset and methodology of the striving individual in the fires of resistance. Slow progress can create constant feelings of inadequacy. I met a New York Times bestselling author who started a business recently. He says that he wakes up and immediately feels like an under-performer. Why? The burden of his workload, and a lack of results from such work, create a void of inner fulfillment. The reason behind your work is tested if you do not see initial results. The challenge is to keep the colors of your portrait of future success bold and vibrant. You must attract yourself towards that desired goal amidst the perceived stagnancy.

One must act in the sentiment that “I will succeed. I will get through this dry patch. Yes, right now, it is rough. One day, rather soon, I will succeed.” Two strategies to keep your focus fixed on your future success are:

1. Draw pictures, gather photos and dream about what your life victories will look like. How will the drive home from your Fox Five interview broadcasted to millions of viewers feel? After you sell those products, what will the conversation be like around the dining room table with everyone gleefully sipping apple cider?

2. Emphasize action. Yes, I know this involves overcoming fear. That process can be terrifying. The pain of emotional honesty comes when you say, “I am afraid of _____, but now I am going to face my fears. I am about to test my power against the fear I gave life to.”

As always, it is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below to describe how you will fight through a dry season in your work, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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