How You Can Attain Peace and Prosperity

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Many people would argue that these two paradigms are at opposite ends of the spectrum. How can you be at peace if you are so busy trying to be successful? This is the argument of those who see peace as an activity that does not require effort. In their minds, peace can not involve strain or overcoming fear because such processes involve growth. Hence, some would surmise, peace and prosperity can not co-exist. I am here to say that they can.

Grace under pressure—the world adores it. Millions of people flock to watch professional athletes each year, the best of whom can perform brilliantly when circumstances dictate they should crack under the weight of the moment. The individual who stays calm, cool and collected is held in reverence by those who panic before the important company presentation. The fact that the phrase “calm, cool and collected” has garnered significant popularity solidifies it as a societal ideal. It is the goal of athletes, business people and everyone in between. Those who make the difficult look easy, and do not seem to break a sweat doing so are honored. The business owner who is incredibly successful financially, and has no relationship drama becomes the model for aspiring entrepreneurs. They are, after all, in search of the whole package. Peace in your personal and psychological life, and success in all other endeavors— internal fulfillment and external rewards. What more can you want?

Learn to embrace the struggle of growth that comes before prosperity with an attitude of peace and gratitude. This is the ultimate human strategy as you march towards the higher ground that few have ever reached. Two strategies to manifest this reality are:

1. Trust and act in your willpower. Often, the extra push to intellectually assert your happiness when you are tired, or the strength to create another product brings individuals to their Promised Land. It is time to take the helm of your life again. You can choose ultimate greatness today.

2. Adopt a belief system, and live in its principles. Too few people follow the edicts of their religion or beliefs. Hence, ideology blurs into the background of life, losing its potency in favor of hollowness. The belief system becomes archived instead of actionable. It is limited by its ‘believer’. It is time to build the connective tissue of credence back into your life principles. If you seek peace and prosperity, and you live in the Christian faith, act in this mantra, “ ‘Ever laboring, you are ever at rest because you are your own peace.’ ” Saint Augustine spoke these words to God. Why can’t you speak them to yourself, and live them?

As always, it is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will finally attain peace and prosperity, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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