The Power of A Calendar

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So many people wish they could become organized. Sadly, many of them do not translate this sentiment into reality. Their desire to craft an organized life does not translate into actionable results. Why? Many people are overwhelmed with the amount of tools available. Checklists, sticky notes, thought pads, online calendars and note-taking websites dominate the industry.

I encountered a similar problem. When I sought people’s advice on how to organize themselves, each person seemed to have a different style. The frustration from conflicting advice set me down a path of trial and error, experimenting with others’ productivity tools. Ultimately, I found that an actual, paper calendar keeps me organized. Thirty boxes with written-in tasks direct my focus, as I do not want to miss any activities. If I fail to complete a task, then I have to move it into a new box on the calendar, thereby cluttering tomorrow’s projects with yesterday’s work.

How can a person become supremely organized? Know thyself, and act accordingly. Are you oriented towards online tools or physical items? I enjoyed writing my tasks with a pen, as opposed to typing them in an online calendar littered with varying colors. I could shut off my computer, but my physical agenda remained on paper. Introspection, which is key for success in most areas of life, is essential with productivity. Implement the following two steps to improve your organizational prosperity:

1. Decide if you prefer online productivity tools or physical methods. Once you decide, you have narrowed down your options.

2. Choose between tracking your progress or starting with a “tabula rasa”, or blank slate, each day. If you enjoy seeing how far you have come, use a month-by-month calendar. If you like writing up a new checklist every day, use a checklist pad. Fill out one day’s tasks, check them off, and start anew the following day.

It is my hope that these productivity strategies elevate your life.

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