Two Strategies To Combine Effort and Enthusiasm

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Can you think of a person who is too hard on himself or herself? Maybe you can think of an individual who has no standards, and is too easy on himself or herself. Such is the line between comfort and challenge that all people face. We must decide to spark or slow ourselves, as well as identify the opportune time to do both.

Many business individuals are inspired by a motivational speaker and then act immediately. This can lead to overwhelm, as they feel that they have hundreds of tasks to complete. However, they rationalize their frenzy-like nature by internally declaring, “at least I am not lazy.” Conversely, a lazy person rationalizes their stagnancy of action with “at least I am not crazy.” As another fine line of life, we need to learn how to balance effort with relaxation, and effectiveness with enthusiasm.

Two strategies to intelligently walk the line separating crazy from lazy are:

1. Infuse enthusiasm into your work. “Work” need not be depressing and cumbersome. Ask yourself this question, “what mindset can I adopt or methods can I implement to make my work fun?” If you answer this question accurately, you will elevate your occupational enjoyment.

2. Know when to give yourself a break, as well as when to elevate your standard of action. Yes, if you desire, watch some of the football game at night. In the process of your decision, understand that tomorrow you must choose to work hard and effectively.

It is my hope that these strategies arm you with the abilities to elevate your life. Please comment below to describe how you will maintain a humble attitude, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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