Two Strategies To Get Organized

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Clutter ruins people’s motivation and performance. A clean, crisp and organized environment spurs more progress than its dysfunctional, dirty counterpart. With 2016 approaching, make a decision to clear your closets and rooms of the junk that you do not need. If you can, empty those areas out before 2016, as the motivation will be higher to do so before the New Year than after it.

Business Whiz Kids and its staff work to establish a clean work environment. We are in the process of filtering through paperwork, learning resources and office materials used in 2014, and projecting what we will need for 2016. You discover useful materials and items when you decide to clean up your work space. For example, one of my members found a software for heightened image quality deep in a storage corridor. Now, we can utilize the resources we already had to leverage our content.

Two methods to implement before 2016 to improve your work environment and establish a better mental flow are:

1. Commit to enjoying the cleaning process. Skimming off under-utilized resources, or deciding to use them can empower your sense of action.

2. Relish in the victory of a well-organized, purposeful room. Recently, Business Whiz Kids reorganized one of its studios. Furniture-repositioning and lighting alterations, which took over four hours for optimal alignment, resulted in a beautiful studio. The staff celebrated in the achievement, and we have been talking about the room’s positive transformation ever since.

It is my hope that these strategies arm you with the abilities to elevate your life. Please comment below to describe how you will optimally organize your work environment to propel into 2016, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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