Two Strategies To Purposefully Direct Your Curiosity

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There are an infinite numbers of situations, items, people or events that a person can be interested in. As a result, many people’s curiosity is widespread, filled with organizations, memberships and relationships spanning countless different genres. The potency of one’s attentiveness and real curiosity may decrease as a result. How many items can a person truly be focused towards and intrigued by before the excitement of discovery begins to dull? This is often why people shun learning; they are overwhelmed by the choices.

The fact that a person can not handle choice does not project well for their future. Not only is their future career, success and worldly prosperity a choice, happiness, sadness, fulfillment and emptiness are their choice as well. I am here to say that it is time to take the helm of your life again. You choose your attitude and actions, as past and future Blog posts indicate. In addition, you determine your level of curiosity and where to channel it. To starting putting the life back in learning, you must selectively choose your areas of intrigue.

Just like enlisting people for a league or organization, you must decide where you will focus your unbridled, unapologetic attention. Curiosity, or the strong desire to learn and know, will flow more freely when you define and dedicate to the direction of your intrigue. Two strategies to purposefully funnel your inquisitiveness are:

1. When a new interest or attention-grabbing item enters your life, ask yourself “is this moving me towards my ultimate, desired destiny? Is this a contributor or distractor to my dreams?” Suddenly, the importance of your goals (if they hold influence with you) override the new “shiny object.”

2. If the subject is not positive and uplifting, do not remained highly interested. Nothing can bring down a person faster than noticing, studying and analyzing lackluster people or environments that surround them. Why is that? They begin to live into what they constantly study. If you hang around smut, you become smut. Focus on positive, inspirational and motivational reservoirs of information.

It is my hope that these strategies optimize your desire to learn and elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you are going to positively channel your inquisitiveness, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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