Two Strategies To See The Extraordinary In the Ordinary

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The old adage of taking nothing for granted is so powerful, yet so rarely applied. If people learned to see the beauty in their normal lives, global enthusiasm would skyrocket. I take joy in the fact that I can type this message in the form of a blog post. I have fingers that move correctly, and do not pain me. I have ocular regions that function properly, allowing me to see my computer screen and then re-adjust to the surrounding environment! I am truly blessed and fortunate for the simple functions of my mind and body. If we can all learn to bathe in the warm waters of the gratitude, we can manifest a charmed and powerful life.

Mindset—millions of people are in search of an effective one. They desire to gain mental stability that will carry them through every situation and encounter. They yearn to lead themselves and others through the trials of life, coming out as the hero that helped others to succeed. They know this takes intellectual prowess—a powerful mind. If we finally choose to live into the person of our dreams—the true us—we can lead millions. We will fulfill ourselves by acting in service to the world. The person who elevates others is privileged to observe their students’ progress. Furthermore, the vast amount of learning spills into the master. Students, and their discoveries, bring insight and novelty to their teachers. Why can’t you be the world’s teacher?

Among other psychological requisites, the world is in desperate need of an attitude of gratitude. Others should learn to celebrate the simple joys they have access to. Life comes back to life if they do. Two strategies to instill an attitude of gratitude in others are:

1. Challenge them to see the Herculean effort of others. If a person makes fun of a foreign exchange student for not knowing what word to use in conversation, ask the critic to say a sentence in their native language without using a specific letter. For example, right now, talk for a minute to a family member without using the letter “e”. How do you sound?

2. When someone is disappointed, point out how another person wishes to be in their position. Personally, I can not remain mad for long periods of time when I think of people with disease. If I am unhappy about some recent development, my mind eventually sends a strong message saying, “Michael. Really? You are mad about this? There are people who can’t stand up right now and you are angry about this?” Then, a powerful psychological trigger occurs. I shift from anger to gratefulness. Not long ago, I discovered that you can not be angry and happy at the same time. One emotion will overwhelm the other. You can not be thankful and hateful at the same time. This is the beauty of your mindset. It can be easily switched, by your conscious choice. But this is not enough. Now, you must funnel that newfound emotion into action.

From this point forward, with every action, mentally declare, “For (Person In Need)!”

It is my hope that these strategies improve and elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will instill an attitude of gratitude in the world, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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