Why All The Motivation You Need Is Within

Life is a constant negotiation. You are negotiating the interests of others in a business transaction, and trying to make the situation win-win. You are negotiating your time, deciding which tasks hold the most importance to you and then acting on those. Intellectual negotiation regarding motivation and self-belief molds the leaders of society. There have been times when we had to pick ourselves up intellectually. There were two parts of you at that time. One did not want to get up from the emotional couch of complacency, while the other part observed that person in disgust. It was only when the person observing chose not to sympathize with the other individual but spark the challenge of living a better life that you started to move meaningfully again.

Challenge—it is a rough word. Based on a serious intention watered down by those who choose not to push themselves, a challenge can spark a potent motivation or deep inner resentment. When we dare ourselves to live a better life, and we do not act on it, we feel like a part of our lives just left. We can not get it back, sadly. That one individual portion of you is left to wander in the darkness of lost potential until we decide to stretch our limits again. This does not mean overextending ourselves—there is a fine-line between intelligently packing our schedule and flooding it with tasks that amount to little personal improvement or direction. Challenge means consciously deciding to make positive changes in dosages that you can handle, and increase over time, perhaps exponentially.

Winning the internal negotiation of motivation and fighting against fear are powerful skills to learn. Two strategies to consult with your inner self, and prompt him or her to take willful action are:

1. First, understand the power that you have as a “thinking thing.” Of course, I know I have mental faculties and abilities. How often do you use them to manifest your deepest desires, then? To those who do, the world is theirs. Those who do not allowed the other person in the room, fear, who they let in, give you that icy stare, and stop you from acting. You can choose who you let into your mind. Fear, faith, doubt, action, boldness, shyness— they can all be your mental houseguests. Unlike your family, you get to choose these dinner partners. For example, instead of fear, invite faith into your mind. When you are tempted to look at the dark, sunken eyes of fear, choose to glance only a few feet away into the warm, empowering eyes of faith. Choose your mental houseguests wisely.

2. Feel good when you use your willpower. Just like television channels, you can demand certain emotions into your psyche. Demand gratification to immerse your soul and channel it into your body when you use your willpower.

It is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below to describe how you will challenge your inner self towards an actionable mindset oriented for success, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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