Why SMS Marketing is Crucial for Your Business

Have you ever given a stellar presentation, and not received business from it because you had no way of communicating with the audience post-event? Perhaps you collected their email address, but with the average person receiving over 140 emails per day, it was somewhat difficult for your novel content to stand out in their inbox. Now there is a more potent, simpler method to reach potential clients—SMS (Short Media Services) Marketing.

Since “95 – 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt”, your brand awareness will spike with mobile subscribers. The origin of such development is rudimentary. When a person receives a text message, often it is from a friend or update regarding phone software enhancements. Spammers can flood inboxes with ease as compared to phone numbers. We have become conditioned to expect positive notifications via text and cumbersome, time-consuming tasks from the inbox.

The average text response time is 90 seconds; average email response time is 90 minutes. A text message appears on the lock screen, often alone and able to demand a person’s entire focus. The email application is locked inside the phone competing for attention amongst other applications.

People spend a large amount of time using their mobile devices, evidenced by the prominence of cell phone suppliers Apple, Samsung and others. Effective marketing is getting in front of the most people that are interested in your expertise, and phones are in front of everyone almost all the time.

The stark juxtaposition of mobile dominance, and the opportunity to enhance your enterprise with mobile marketing, is revealed in viewership comparisons. 98% of SMS messages are read, while 20% of emails are opened.

Is a 78% visibility spike worth your investment in mobile marketing? Answer carefully.

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