Why You Must Keep Your Standards High In the Midst of Disappointments

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Some people set high standards for their lives. This is an admirable act, not one that everyone participates in. However, many of the star-shooters stop their pursuit of brilliance because of frequent disappointments and their eventual lack of motivation. This cycle accelerates, with disappointments fueling the dissipation of motivation. Many psychologists have pointed out this trend. I am here to say that despite your perceived pitfalls, you have and can reach the high standard that you set. Shooting for them, you can reach and become the stars.

The life as the co-founder of Business Whiz Kids can be viewed as demanding. Then again, so could a high intensity workout program. If we were to surrender to the former view (giving an advance to doubt), we could say that as Business Whiz Kids’ co-founder, I have to constantly manifest excellence in the fields of elevating others, entrepreneurship, marketing and related areas. Furthermore, balancing scholastics with business can be seen demanding. To refute these doubting sentiments, I gesture to the uplifting nobility that surrounds and lives in the pursuit of one’s dreams. Instead of focusing on the struggle, focus on the noble attributes you are cultivating and becoming. As you jump to reach the pull-up bar of your dreams, you should recognize the royal nature of your actions. Through the pain, sweat and turmoil, you are living into your stardom.

Two psychological triggers to remember that the passionate pursuit of your dreams is worthwhile, and to advocate for endurance on your path to success are:

1. Use your interpretation to ignite implementation. How will you choose to view your dreams? As disempowering, deceitful delusions because they force you to toil, or noble ambitions for the life that you desire? The choice, as always, is yours on how to view your dreams, and ultimately, direct your destiny.

2. Endurance worked for Walt Disney. To quote the great man of achievement, “the difference in winning and losing is most often, not quitting.” Take this value to heart. Yes, you may have heard it before, but have you acted on it before? For how long?

Would your life change if you did?

As always, it is my hope that these strategies improve your intellectual existence and overall life. Please comment below describing how you are going to admirably keep yourself motivated towards the actualization of your dreams, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.


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