Why You Should Consult Your Inner Success Shaman

Teenager Entrepreneur Meditative Thinking

Success is attained by those who choose to manifest it. The road to prosperity can be long and unforgiving; however, the psychological and physical bounty outweighs the pain from outward blows of other people and obstacles. There will be times when a successful individual will need to look in the mirror and say, “I need to be better.” How can they reach a heightened level of success? By looking within and consulting their internal guru for perhaps the first time.

Last night, in the middle of sending emails and creating programs, I struck an intellectual gold mine. I thought of my life’s guiding principles, and drafted an internal Constitution of my psychological existence. I could have chose to continued working on my scheduled tasks, however, I recognized the value of an outburst of powerful inspiration. I journaled intensely on looseleaf paper, with the words coming not from me but seemingly an internal reservoir of wisdom, a source I am thankful for each day.

You must learn to value the advice of the success shaman deep inside of you. Give him or her the time of day, as they have much knowledge that can further your life if you implement it. Two routes to access your inner success shaman are:

1. Choose to believe you have a boundless capacity to succeed. It is hard for someone to succeed when they do not think that they can. You must believe you can achieve; you need mindset, methodologymeans and meticulous persistence to become a master.

2. Value your inner opinion. Some people call this your gut, intuition, or a hint. Follow it for it contains power. It was strong enough to make itself real to you—you felt it. Now, what are you going to do with it? Are you willing to scale the psychological depths of your sub-conscience in search of the fountains of prosperity?

It is my hope that these strategies elevate and empower you to listen to your inner success shaman, and ultimately become an exemplary example of peace and prosperity for others.

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