Learn to Promote Yourself and Create the Buzz for Your Business

Action Exercises

To spread your message, you need to become an excellent marketer. The cause you champion needs exposure to grow, just as a seed needs water and fertilizer to sprout into a beautiful plant. A stellar marketing message will assist you tremendously so you can connect with your audience and others. Print and answer the questions on this Worksheet to establish your marketing message.

As you just learned, launches and pre-launches are essential for promoting your services/offerings. To establish your Pre-Launch and Launch promotional strategies, print and fill out this worksheet.

Having learned what makes an excellent logo, and alternative methods to promote your product or service, print and complete this worksheet to identify which strategies you will put into play.

Having just learned about blogging and social media, you are now going to create your own blog. This will be your home on the Internet, so take pride in this accomplishment. Print and complete this worksheet to guide you.