Learn the Mindset and Methods to Fly High (Succeed) and Stay Grounded (Remain Humble)

Action Exercises

When you become successful, you should still be a role model for others. Achievers with morality are remembered throughout history more than a selfish, successful person.

Remember to fly high and stay grounded throughout this process. If you do not stay humble, not only will you lose touch with your authentic self, but as Evan Longoria once said,

“I constantly try to humble myself; if you don’t, I’m sure the game is going to find a way to humble you.”

Fill out this Worksheet to maintain "a reasonable yet humble confidence in yourself" (Norman Vincent Peale).

You consult experts for their perspective, which is what we have provided you in this course. Now, Marc reveals the mistakes he has made during his journey, so you can avoid the pitfalls.

Having absorbed the information in the video, please complete this Worksheet to establish your top 5 takeaways that will guide you in present and future entrepreneurial endeavors.