4 Ways To Grow Your Email List

How many times have you heard people say that the money is in the list? A few times? A few dozen times? Hundreds of times? Even though the most successful marketers of entire industries share this opinion, many people are not taking their email lists seriously. Furthermore, most of the people who take email lists…

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5 Ways To Get More YouTube Views

With over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube is the largest video-based website on the web. Most people go to YouTube for knowledge, intriguing information, and/or entertainment. Regardless of what your niche is, it is possible for you to create a successful, popular YouTube channel. Maybe you already have a YouTube channel or are thinking…

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The 3 Best Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

“How do I get more Twitter followers?” The question is just as old as Twitter itself. Ever since Twitter was created, and especially as it became established as a way for businesses to grow larger audiences, many people have asked this question. If you go to a business conference and hear a Twitter presenter, one…

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4 Methods To Get More Blog Traffic

It does not take long for a blogger to realize that the people don’t simply come when you put something up. Although some bloggers make millions of dollars, there are still invisible blogs that need more visitors. Most blogs get less than 100 daily visitors, and only a small percentage of blogs get thousands of…

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3 Ways To Boost Your Gratitude

Life is constantly moving forward. We have different ambitions, and at some points in our journeys, we become impatient. We want to accomplish our goals now instead of putting in the work over a long period of time. We become impatient and want what we don’t have. This is the path to under appreciation of…

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How To Recognize The Beauty of You

Enjoy what you have

There are an incredible number of reasons to see the beauty in life. Many would also argue there are reasons to see the negative, and drown in pessimism. I tend to respectfully disagree with those individuals. Your world view is a matter of choice, as is practically everything in your life. Let’s choose, for a moment,…

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Two Methods To Avoid Belittling Yourself

Feel Good about Myself

Too many people intensely blame themselves when they do not succeed. If they do not accomplish all of their to-dos, they will mentally destroy themselves, internally thinking, “I can’t do this” or “this is too overwhelming”. This noise runs through their mind, and creates anger that takes away from the energy they need to thrive…

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Three Tactics For Improved Meetings

Have better meetings

For a group of individuals to function at optimal capacity, they must have some alignment. Many times this is message-based with the unit working diligently to promote the sentiment. Blaming others is not a component of a stellar team; taking responsibility for a lack of execution is, if appropriate. Meetings often get a bad wrap.…

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Five Strategies To Direct Your Future Success

Take Charge of Your Future Success

Triggers from your past can spark feelings of empowerment or resentment. A reminder of a sour relationship can dampen a person’s mood, if he or she permits. Despite a wave of anxiety spurred from past events, a person must learn to dust themselves off of something that is no longer a concern. The only agent…

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Four Steps To Shift Your Focus

Teenager Entrepreneur

Anticipation can derail many individuals’ productivity. If you are scheduled to attend a baseball game at night, you may constantly think about the game, which takes away from your focus. You ponder how the event will proceed, what you will do, the outcome and your level of enjoyment. This futuristic cognition takes your attention away…

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