4 Ways To Grow Your Email List

How many times have you heard people say that the money is in the list? A few times? A few dozen times? Hundreds of times? Even though the most successful marketers of entire industries share this opinion, many people are not taking their email lists seriously. Furthermore, most of the people who take email lists seriously are looking for better methods to get more subscribers. I started to take my email list seriously in August 2014, and in a few months, I went from gaining no subscribers every day to gaining over 15 subscribers every day, and that number continues to grow. I have tested various tactics to grow my email list, and here are the four methods that stood out:

Create a landing page. Landing pages are so important for getting subscribers that I believe you must have a landing page to have a large email list. The best landing pages ask for a visitor’s email in a simple but effective manner.

Offer an irresistible free prize. The not-so-secret ingredient to a successful landing page is offering an irresistible free prize. On Business Whiz Kids, we offer The Nine Mental Musts Of An Entrepreneur Report for anyone who subscribes. On my blog, I provide free eBooks and tutorials about getting more retweets, more subscribers, and mastering Pinterest.

Promote your landing page. No matter how effective your landing page is, that landing page must be seen for it to get more subscribers. You can promote your landing page on your blog and your social networks. I tweet about my landing pages every day, and I almost always tweet about the same landing page more than once throughout a given day.

Have a pop-up. Among all of the tactics to get more subscribers, I was very skeptical to putting a pop-up on my blog. Initially, I thought that a pop-up would encourage people to leave my blog. However, not only has my traffic been unaffected by the new pop-up, but I also get more subscribers. We have a pop-up on Business Whiz Kids that  promotes our free eBook and asks for a name and email address. The pop-up converts very well, and on my blog, it accounts for 25% of my blog’s subscribers. I use Pop-Up Domination for my blog, and we use them for Business Whiz Kids as well.

What are your thoughts on growing an email list? Do you have any additional tips for growing an email list? Please share your thoughts and advice below.

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