5 Ways To Get More YouTube Views

With over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube is the largest video-based website on the web. Most people go to YouTube for knowledge, intriguing information, and/or entertainment. Regardless of what your niche is, it is possible for you to create a successful, popular YouTube channel. Maybe you already have a YouTube channel or are thinking of creating one. One metric that determines success on YouTube is the amount of views your YouTube videos accumulate. More YouTube views theoretically means more subscribers and social shares. YouTube views are beneficial, but only a handful of channels get enough views to generate full-time incomes. In order to get more views for your YouTube videos and possibly get enough views to turn your YouTube channel into a full-time income generator, follow these five tips.

Publish More Videos. If your channel is new, and it does not have many videos, your viewers won’t be enticed to subscribe. In addition, viewers who like your channel will have a small selection of videos to choose from. Many of the views YouTube channels get are from returning viewers. If you have 10 videos that are two minutes each, it will only take 20 minutes for someone to watch all of the videos on your channel (assuming these people watch all of your videos from start to finish). However, if you have 100 YouTube videos of the same length on your channel, and you publish one YouTube video every week, your viewers will have more videos to watch, and that means more views.

Publish Valuable Videos. Publishing more videos has its benefits, but on YouTube, quality is better than quantity. It is better to publish 10 quality videos that are two minutes each than 100 subpar videos that are two minutes long. The only way a viewer will watch all of the videos on your channel is if those videos are good.

Use Annotations To Get Subscribers. In all of my YouTube videos, I have an annotation that allows people to subscribe to my channel just by clicking it. This annotation results in more long-term views because subscribers will view more of your videos than anyone else who goes to your channel.

Better Thumbnails. Some people who see your YouTube videos will first see them as a thumbnail. This is especially true as your YouTube channel starts to rake in views and social shares. This is why you need to create custom thumbnail pictures with KeyNote, PowerPoint, or Canva. Don’t be afraid to include words in your thumbnail or go beyond the clips in your YouTube video to create a better thumbnail. Gideon Shalwick does this very well.

Promote Your Old YouTube Videos. Many people make the mistake of leaving their old content out to die. If you have been uploading videos to your channel for a while, then those old videos are still up. You can reference your old videos in your new videos or display a bunch of your videos at the end of every video. You can still promote your older videos on your social networks, even if you have already told your followers about them.

What are your thoughts about using YouTube to build your authority on the web? Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you know any other methods of getting more YouTube views? Please share your thoughts and advice below.

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