Five Personal Development Strategies To Beat Fear In 2015

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Personal development is an incredible skill to master. Before you tackle any new goal, it is in your best interest to learn yourself first. Why? You will know what you like, are afraid of, and your power alleys of motivation and pitfalls of excuses to look out for. On your path to achieve a goal, fear and bravery stand at odds with each other. The stronger sentiment will win. Thus, you must learn how to reduce the power of fear that inevitably comes with the pursuit of success.

Many times, fear will strike me as I am pursuing a goal. Over time, I learned to set up an automatic mental re-direct whenever anxiety or worry came upon me. A belief system, one that highlights my reason for action, the sentiment behind that reason, belief in myself and in a Higher Power carries me through the pain of fear. Who deserves to be held down by fear? No one. Yet we often surrender to it. If we get into the pattern of neglecting fear, we start to feel good. Eventually, through purposeful action, you can look forward to shunning fear because you are declaring your emotional freedom simultaneously. Courage and bravery suddenly become a habit.

Five strategies to beat fear through personal development are:

1. Know what you are afraid of. Sit down today, and write down what scares you. Second, identify the reason for your fears. If you know the reason for your fears, you can build an inspiring mindset to neutralize those reasons.

2. Look at the progress you have made. If you have committed to personal development via reading the related books or intelligently questioning yourself, you can probably see the progress you have made. The manner in which you act has altered, and your mindset has shifted. You know the degree to which those changes have occurred, but they have. Recognized growth can increase your confidence.

3. Think about what it would take for you to be fearless. Many people believe that they have to meet a person, go to an event, or learn a lesson to become fearless. What celebrity would have to be your friend, event you would have to attend, or life principle you have to adopt to be free of the chains of fear? Imagine meeting that person, attending the event, or adopting that message. How does that feel? How do you feel? Carry that feeling of power into your everyday life. Why do you need a reason to be great? You do not; just be.

4. Read personal development books, watch related videos and read the books regarding people you admire. Self help literatures are like buffet tables. You can marvel in the delicious strategies that others use to optimize their success. However, to truly enjoy their life-changing advice, you must step towards the table and eat the food (decide to implement the strategies). Then, life comes alive, and you feel congruent.

5. Attach pleasure to the growing pains of learning yourself. As with physical development, personal development presents growing pain. The degree and type is different for each one of us, because everyone is different. If you can learn to love the struggle that comes before success, then you will ace personal growth. This will lead to huge growth, making you the role model for others.

It is my hope that these strategies improve and elevate your life. Please comment below to describe how you will use personal development to overcome your fears, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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