Five Strategies To Direct Your Future Success

Take Charge of Your Future Success

Triggers from your past can spark feelings of empowerment or resentment. A reminder of a sour relationship can dampen a person’s mood, if he or she permits. Despite a wave of anxiety spurred from past events, a person must learn to dust themselves off of something that is no longer a concern. The only agent hindering them is themselves. The culprit of your mental turmoil is, painfully, in the mirror.

I know a person who was recently reminded of a past business disconnect. Sadness overwhelmed them initially, despite a strong physical facade and good-willed intention. This mental issue persisted for one hour. I noticed that this person’s conversational engagement dulled. Such parasitic thinking and resulting deflation was depressing to view. Fortunately, the individual turned it around through conscious thought and intelligent action.

Five methods to implement when you are suddenly pulled down by the past are:

1. Drink more water. “Stress management relies, in part, on staying hydrated.” The more H20 that you consume, the better you feel, and the more your sugar cravings decrease.

2. Work out. If you are angered because you were reminded of a painful past occurrence, work out hard. Put your full force into this corporal regiment. Activate your endorphins, thereby changing your physicality, and your body will feel better. Then, demand that your mind feel as empowered and elevated as your body.

3. Look at how far you have come. In the past, this event may have thrown you through a loop for weeks. Now, its potency has decreased, and because you recognize the positives in your encounter, you still maintain your happiness.

4. Search out the positives. In a high-stress, turmoil-filled intellectual situation, look for what went right, rather than what went wrong. You will strengthen your focus, and your mindset is boosted.

5. Ground yourself back in gratitude. Your problems are nothing as compared to a less fortunate individual. You are a superhero to them in terms of your resources and mindset. Other people wish they could be you, and in times of turmoil, focus on why. You are well-equipped.

It is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will beat back past pains, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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