Five Strategies To Master Your Morning

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The morning is an incredibly influential beginning to the day. The inception of another 24 hour time block will determine its holistic quality. When you wake up, your body is making the necessary links to function well. When you open your computer, the hard drive must load and check its systems before it can perform effectively. Similarly, the human body must warm up before it can perform optimally, intellectually and physically.

When I wake up, my goal is to orient my mindset towards success, and spark corporal alertness. I kneel in gratitude for the new today, set an intention for my day, and then make my bed. Lifting the sheets, placing the pillows, and folding the blanket warm up my eye-hand coordination. Next, I brush my teeth, which sparks facial awareness. By then, I have strengthened my health, cleared my mindset and cleaned my room. Then, I have built up enough incremental awareness to transition into the strongest awakener—the shower. The entire corporal body is reached during this process. At its conclusion, a cool midst covers my body, my eyes are no longer heavy, and I am physically alert. My psychological and somatic facilities are ready for the day.

Four strategies to equip your mind and body for success in the morning after you awaken are:

1. Think about the grace bestowed upon you. This is a new day. We can stand up, walk around and make your bed. Such privileges are not common to all humanity. Perhaps, in the sentiment of appreciation, ground yourself by kneeling and accepting the greatness of today’s grace for about ten seconds.

2. Set an intention, or direction for the day. It can be a few words, and often, because of a succinct syllable count, you recall the sentiment throughout the day. Thus, you can readily call upon the emotion when needed. For example, your direction for the day can be “to give praise to the grace bestowed upon me.”

3. Make your bed. This task heightens your coordination skills, and prepares them for the day ahead.

4. Brush your teeth. Banish overnight plaque and wake yourself up simultaneously. This also orients your activities towards self-care.

5. Take a shower. Coupled with making your bed, summoning the motivation to perform this activity can present a significant challenge. However, if you set out to this task the night before, and manifest that intention the following morning, you will receive a stellar sense of congruence. It is empowering when “you do what you set out to do” as one songwriter portrays.

As always, it is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will prime yourself in the morning for a successful day, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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