Five Strategies To Relax Yourself

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Many individuals work incredibly hard, neglecting rest. While diligence is a powerful attribute, a respite is needed to maintain optimal performance. A cell phone, computer, car and related technology can only perform well for so long. Eventually, their power cells need to be re-charged, and a similar theme applies to humanity. Proper hydration, sustenance and rest can empower a person.

Once a week, I choose to calm my efforts. I remain productive at a basic level, and evaluate my week’s performance. Literary immersion is common during this time. My normally action-oriented mindset is relaxed, thereby resetting me for stronger performance the following week. Relaxation is possible during times of work as well. Deep breathing during your projects, or a settled mindset as you work can lead to more enjoyable productivity. Writing down your emotions and expressing them in some positive form can help foster a calm in the storm.

Four strategies to remain or foster relaxation are:

1. Take in the beauty around you. Often, our fast-paced nature will negate appreciation of marvelous normality. As I type this message, I am graced with the ability of sight. All other nagging feelings of fear or worry dull in the face of appreciation.

2. Begin to recognize your breathing. Unconscious cardiovascular tension is common to many individuals. Take deeper breaths more often, and you will notice holistic bodily improvement.

3. Loosen the muscles around your face. Release your clenched teeth and squinted eyes, and feel the tension melt off your face.

4. Smile and take stock of where you are. For example, if you are on a stressful business call, look around the room you are in. You can perform this activity while you are still on the call. Notice the room features, where you are standing, the floor or carpet and then focus back in on the call. That brief respite can aid you.

5. Heighten your hydration. “Staying in a good hydrated status can keep your stress levels down,” states Amanda Carlson, director of performance nutrition at Athletes’ Performance, a trainer of world-class athletes (1). Water can wash away anxiety.

As always, it is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will foster self-relaxation, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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