Four Steps To Shift Your Focus

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Anticipation can derail many individuals’ productivity. If you are scheduled to attend a baseball game at night, you may constantly think about the game, which takes away from your focus. You ponder how the event will proceed, what you will do, the outcome and your level of enjoyment. This futuristic cognition takes your attention away from present needs. The business project will remain as prevalent as before despite the exciting upcoming event.

How can you channel your focus into your present needs, regardless of a future attention-grabbing subject? After you enter a contest, take your mind off of it. It is no longer important. As some would say, your application or submission is “in the air.” After you order an item from Amazon, you continue with your normal responsibilities. Anticipation of that item may be strong, but it should not be strong enough to subordinate the rest of your thoughts and actions.

Four strategies to strive on in your work despite anticipation are:

1. Realize how good you will feel after you complete your current responsibilities and the package arrives! The diligence of a job well done with meet with the enthusiasm of your awaited present.

2. See the victory at the end of the road. You will be laying down on your couch, resting comfortably, basking in your greatness and the gratitude for having been able to prosper.

3. Practice the power of restraint, and reward yourself for it. High willpower can set you apart from many individuals. Cultivate it.

4. Set yourself on a mission. Challenge yourself to complete this task before the exciting event. Put some self-dignity on the line, and prove to yourself that you are not easily distracted by the shine of an energizing gathering or prize.

It is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will remain focused in the midst of your anticipation, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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