How To Balance Multiple Viewpoints

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Holistic control of a situation relies on a person’s ability to balance the associated agents in power. Often, there are two primary agents at work. There is supply and demand, a parent and a child, contemplation and action. You must learn to satisfy more than your needs. Successful business deals are presented as a win-win situation. Yes, your persistence and drive may be enough to bring success to an event. However, the collaboration of the facility to host the event is required to bring your success.

I have heard about people who read hundreds of books, going on the premise that knowledge is power. When deciding whether or not to read such a large number of books, I played the situation out in my mind. I will have consumed all of this literature over the course of twelve months, for example. How have I changed in the end? I am a more knowledgable person regarding the subjects of the books. But what have I done with the knowledge? I now possess useful information I have not yet utilized. Is the point of reading hundreds of books to become a human dictionary? Dictionaries that sit on the shelf do not change the world, unfortunately. Aim (knowledge, dreams and a plan) must marry application (work and persistence). This is when success finds you.

Please do not live as only a learner. Be as zealous in your studies as you are in your actions, and vice-versa. Read many books, and apply the useful information in them all. Two strategies to transform your knowledge into actionable directives are:

1. When you read a book, apply at least 80% of the information that relates to you. This habit will force application of your new knowledge.

2. Celebrate when you apply your information and it leads to positive change. Celebration can be a simple, “Yes, I did it” phrase said to yourself after each achievement.

As always, it is my hope that these strategies give you a holistic view of the two agents of change— mindset and action.

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