How To Manage Criticism

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Some people enjoy giving criticism more than they do receiving it. However, whenever someone suggests a modification to your work, you should perform the same action every time: evaluate the source of the criticism. Is this a person who wants to infuse a negative mindset into you, or is actually recommending change to help you? Is this person a detractor or a coach? This is the attitude you must take into your encounters with critics.

I was talking with the co-founder of Sir Kensington’s Ketchup about overcoming criticism recently. He echoed my sentiment: when someone suggests an alteration to your product or service, size them up first. “Does this person have experience in my industry” and “are they trying to be constructive or destructive” must be the questions running in your mind. To those who say, “I don’t like your product/service”, just think “that’s ok, I know other people who do.” If you do not have supporters of your brand yet, then search for them. In your pursuit, your future advocates will often appear and approach you first.

Criticism can be a positive part of someone’s life. The suggestions may help the entrepreneur improve their service, or in the case of cynical condemnation, strengthen the intellectual fortitude of the criticized individual. Two steps to turn others’ aggression into your triumph are:

1. After you have assessed the source, decide whether you will continue to receive input from this person. You are not obligated to listen to a critic who is not constructive in their advice. As uncharacteristic as it may feel, you can literally walk away from your detractors. Think, “one day, they may understand the great work I am doing to improve the world.”

2. In the face of constructive feedback, ask questions to the person posing the suggestions. If you have chosen to give your attention to this individual, ask them relevant questions and persist for strong answers. Leave the discussion thoroughly enlightened.

It is my hope that these strategies elevate and empower you to disregard your critics.

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