How To Propel Yourself Through Exercise

Exercising is a fulfilling and healthy challenge. It sparks the release of endorphins, thereby giving individuals neuro-chemical comfort. Also, the achievement that comes with completing each workout as scheduled is empowering. Working out teaches discipline, a valuable characteristic in any field.

I have been working out for the past few months to fulfill the challenge I set for myself. On my personal website, Michael Guberti .com, I set a challenge to work out from August 2014 to August 2015. This process has been one of physical strain and mental strengthening. Yes, the moves in my workout regiment are difficult on my body. Especially when dealing with a world class program like P90X, a person must keep their mental facilities just as strong as their physical ones. While society has a prevailing opinion that exercise is a chore to be despised, I had to adopt an attitude of joyful expectancy. There is an abundance of reasons available for why you should or not commit. This applies to all opportunities you face. However, if you desire successful completion of an action, you must force your mind to focus on the positive attributes of that activity.

Some would say this belief is too strong a sentiment to adopt. I say that this belief is dedication, and dedication is looked at in awe by the less disciplined. Two strategies to solidify your motivation to commit are:

1. Hand write a plan for your desired success, and make a calendar. Some workout programs provide the calendar for a person’s every day activities. Fulfillment of such schedule brings forth achievement and elevation into your desired goal. Follow the example; schedule your success in a monthly calendar.

2. Reward yourself. When you complete a workout, raise your hands in the air, or strike a symbolic pose of achievement. You do not need others’ praise to feel praised. Honor yourself, realize the Herculean effort you put into your work, and smile in the glow of your greatness.

It is my hope that these exercise strategies elevate your life.

Comment below to share how they have helped you, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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