How To Think Like A Visionary

Have you ever taken something that happened to you as a sign that you are blessed, and another as a sign that you are cursed? One event meant, “I am awesome” and the next happenstance made you feel like dirt? The thought process during those dual occurrences was controlled and directed by you. Perhaps, you struck out in your Little League game, and you thought, “Darn! I can’t hit the baseball!” The batter who followed you also struck out, and decided to think, “I knew it was a curveball. I am getting better at predicting pitches.” What is the difference between a superior and sickly mindset, the gap between prosperity and lack? The quality of your interpretation.

Human beings can make a case for anything in their minds. If you were driven enough to support a cause, you would find reasons to believe supporting that cause was the right thing to do. Perhaps that is why people have incredibly varied beliefs. Compelling evidence can be found or made at anytime. Corporally, the Internet is an incredible source of data and statistics to highlight why the economy is weakening or strengthening. Articles joust about the effectiveness of push-ups. You can find evidence to support almost any argument via the Internet. You can find stronger evidence in your mind.

When a person decides to do something, and will complete it beyond a shadow of a doubt, they have all the support they need for the argument at hand. By research standards, the idea can be totally “illogical”. But how many modern staples in society started as “illogical”? You can think of them—The MacBook Pro, 3D-Printing, Tesla Motors (I mean, come on, electric cars?).

Don’t think through the lens called limit that society gives you.

Unlimit the power of your mind through your imagination.

And become the visionary that history remembers.

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