Two Strategies To Get Organized

Teenager Entrepreneur

Clutter ruins people’s motivation and performance. A clean, crisp and organized environment spurs more progress than its dysfunctional, dirty counterpart. With 2016 approaching, make a decision to clear your closets and rooms of the junk that you do not need. If you can, empty those areas out before 2016, as the motivation will be higher…

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Association Marketing Case Studies

Major success apparel companies such as Nike Inc., Under Armour and Adidas commence marketing campaigns multiple times in a year. Interestingly, they approach the process through similar tactics, aligning their logos and messaging with prosperous athletes or past legends to create powerful consumer associations. Under Armour’s company slogan, Universal Guarantee of Performance, exemplifies the industry’s…

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The Power of Your Interpretation

Difficulty is subject to interpretation. A “sticky situation” can be the crucible that refines a stronger metal, thus reframing the occurrence as a breeding ground for growth. Through a congruent lens of optimism, my lifestyle balance between entrepreneurship and scholastics only heightens my productivity. Initially, this situation may display two motives tearing at each other…

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