Two Strategies To Maintain A Humble Attitude

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Some people become successful, and then adopt an attitude of condescension. I was talking to a successful entrepreneur the other day, and he described the toxic egoism that can result from success. Ego is the enemy of learning, because learning requires you to accept the role of a student. A student is a humbling role by nature, as each pupil has a master. One can not further his or her knowledge if they believe they have all the answers.

Condescension seems like an easy path for successful individuals to take. Nevertheless, those individuals need to continue to treat others with respect. They do not want to neglect the characteristics that fostered their success—respect for the knowledgeable, empathy for the struggling, support for the needy—lest their fountain of prosperity dry up. Perhaps, the characteristic of a humble attitude was the deciding factor that convinced the investor to support your mission. Now, if you drop that personal attribute, people are less likely to feel aligned with you. This cyclical dismantling can result in a lack of influence and success.

Stick to your root beliefs. Yes, you may have succeeded, and I wish that you do prosper and accomplish your dreams. When you do, remember what character traits helped you succeed. Two strategies to stay humble are:

1. Honor and live in the traits that made you a winner. Rather than drown in egoism, bathe in the characteristics that brought you success. Write them down, elaborate on them and truly understand how you embody them. What practices or rituals did you perform that made you _____ (humble, respected, well-spoken)? Those notes will become your lifetime reference whenever you face a struggle. You will have written your blueprint for personal success.

2. Remember what Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria said, “I constantly try to humble myself; if you don’t, I’m sure the game is going to find a way to humble you.” Life is a game. Win with humbleness.

It is my hope that these strategies elevate your life. Please comment below to describe how you will maintain a humble attitude, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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