Why Team Connectivity Is Crucial

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Disorganized teams do not produce quality content as frequently as they could. A disconnect between different departments may exist which makes productivity stagnate. Although team members should not be glued to their emails or text messages waiting for your feedback, they should know that coordinating with other team members is a priority. Many current companies can optimize their production and sense of community if they were more connected.

Business Whiz Kids has clear contact pathways for its employees, Board of Directors and co-founders. Should an idea be presented, it goes through a ‘screening process’ to validate its effectiveness and time needed for implementation. Should it be deemed worthy, after inspection of all associated members, it is put into action. Some companies may have a system in place, but the aforementioned screening process takes too long. With serious focus and contemplation, a decision for a business can be solved in three days at most. The paradigm of progress mixes with the compelling force of connectivity to foster business success. When the crew members support and respond quickly to the captain, the ship moves further faster.

The interwoven nature of a well-run team inspires holistic success. Here are two strategies to improve communication with your team:

1. Lead by example. No one fully respects a Chief Executive Officer who demands from other people what he/she can not do for themselves. This would be like taking nutrition advice from a person weighing three hundred pounds. Principle holds little influence if it is not practiced.

2. Have meetings in environments that do not encourage complacency. You have a tight schedule if you own a business. You do not have time to complacently sit around the conference table. You have too many lives to positively change to be unproductive.

It is my hope that these strategies improve and elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will effectively strengthen your team connectivity, and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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