Why Your Interpretation Determines Your Life

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Happiness, sadness, strength and weakness is a matter of the mind. Interpretation controls how the world appears to you, and that reality becomes your life. You can choose to view a situation that others see as uncomfortable as one that fosters growth. A disagreement can merely be interpreted as a joint realignment of beliefs. Your neighborhood can be desolate or delightful depending upon your perspective. The lens through which you choose to view life determines your life and its quality.

Recently, I encountered a situation in which one of my team members was engaged in a passioned argument. Although the person was not screaming, he was sincerely expressing an opinion contrary to the person he was talking to on the business phone. As I watched the conversation progress, I was inspired to see the team member taking the time to respectfully educate the other person on the phone. Rather than a battle, my conscious member resolved the issue, and went from arguing a rudimentary point to wishing that person a Merry Christmas. A stark contrast of interpretation was evident here. My member saw the conversation as an opportunity to settle differences and infuse clarity. The other individual on the phone was offended by a question for more information. One hung up the phone intellectually informed, the other egotistically inflamed.

This is the power of interpretation. While this example is on a small scale, there are many powerful illustrations of leveraged interpretation that have changed people’s lives. Two strategies to orient your interpretation for success are:

1. Be a humble pupil of almost every situation. This can be difficult to do. Why? It requires dropping your ego by saying you do not understand something, and requesting help. Many people can not do this, but those who do will learn much faster.

2. Ask yourself in every situation, “how can this benefit me?” If you are religious, and truly believe the incredibly effective credo that “Everything happens for a reason,”  you are set. This angle or lens allows you to find the beauty in every occurrence.

There is a reason you are reading this. You are improving, elevating your standard of life, and over time, like connective tissue coming together to form a muscle, you are growing into the person of your dreams.

It is my hope that these strategies improve and elevate your life. Please comment below describing how you will control and optimize your interpretation (which determines your life), and to join our community of conscious motivators and entrepreneurial achievers.

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